A more beautiful way to get to work

Look forward to commuting

Taking the bike to work can be an amazing experience that improves your team's mood and health. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, instead of congestion and stress.

Gear up your team

A good habit promotes both the mental and physical health of your team by offering a commuting solution that provides both energy and relaxation.

Time for carbon dioxide to resign

Reach your environmental goals

E-bicycles are an environmentally friendly transport alternative that can improve urban life. By encouraging your team to use electric bike instead of driving a car, you can help reduce traffic jams and reduce your environmental impact.

Flexible business solutions

Benefit bike

As an employer, you can offer a benefit bike to your employees. It gives your colleagues the opportunity to bike to work and save money while promoting their health.

Bike as work vehicle

Do you need to be able to quickly get around during working hours? Shorter distances by car or public transport quickly become both expensive and time consuming. A bike can help you save in on both.

Service partner

We offer flexible solutions to manage the bikes and ensure that they are always in top condition. With technical, digital and physical support.

Commute 2.0

The Vässla Pedal

Read more about our Vässla pedal and what makes it unique, as the ultimate commuting monster.