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One-time purchase:
- Charger
- Kickstand
- Belt cover
- 1 year connectivity

- Charger
- Closca Helmet
- Certified Lock
- SP Smartphone connector
- Free connectivity

  • 20 mph electric assist
  • Carbon Belt-drive
  • Torque Sensor
  • Carbon front fork
  • 62 miles electric range
  • Hub motor in the rear wheel
  • Removable lockable battery
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • GPS tracking & lock/unlock with an app.
  • Phone connector case
  • Integrated lights
  • Internal wiring (no ugly wires)

Manufacturing: Our high-tech factory in Taiwan.

The Vässla App is compatible with actively supported iOS and Android versions. It is included for all subscriptions, and for 1 year for any one-time purchase.

Warranty: 2 years.


Gender: Unisex
Frame type: Semi-step through
Vehicle type: Electric assisted bike
Speed: 20 mph
Wheel size: 24"
Weight ex battery: 19 kg
Weight battery: 3 kg
Material frame: Aluminum
Material front fork: Carbon fibre
Connectivity: GPS, Bluetooth, Modem
Engine type: Rear wheel hub engine
Engine model: Limotec, Vässla specific.
Engine power: 250 W
Engine torque: 45 Nm
Hill climb: 10% (depending on Rider weight)
Battery type: Swappable li-ion battery pack
Battery cells: Samsung 21700, 10s2p = 2 pairs of cells are wired in parallel, hence the "p", and those 2 pairs are then joined in series, which the "s" refers to. = 20 cells in total
Battery capacity: 360 Wh
Charger model: Sans Electronics SSLC
Charger voltage: 42V, 3A
Charger indicator:
-Green light = ready to charge,
-Red light = charging
Range: Up to 100 km
Front fork: Carbon fibre
Gear: Single gear system
Drive: Carbon belt
Brake type: Hydraulic disc brakes
Brake model: Tektro E-385
Handle bar: Vässla custom made
Steering stem: Vässla custom made
Seat model: Velo VL-3533
Seat pole: Vässla custom made
Front light model: Lezyne HECTO STVZO E65
Front light effect: 4W, 210 lumens, 65 Lux
Back light: Seat post integrated LED's, Vässla custom made
Tire size: 24"
Tire model: CST C1381, 24"*2.4,61-507
Tire tube type: Black, puncture-resistant inner layer, with reflective strip
Operating temp battery:
-Charge: 0~40°C
Discharge: -20~50°C
Storage Temperature: -20~60°C (one month)
-20°C ~45°C (3 months)
-20°C ~23°C ( 1 Year )"
Cycle Life: 500 Cycles 0-100% (1000 cycles 50-100%)
SOC, Battery state of charge light:
- Twinkling red light>=32V 10%
- Red light >=34V 20%
- Green light >=36V 40%
- Blue light >=37V 50%"

Pedal Assist

No hill too steep

In the rear wheel of the Vässla Pedal is the strong 250W/45Nm rear hub motor, giving you electric assist up to 20 mph. Since there is more weight at the back of a bike, we have chosen to have rear wheel drive on our Pedal. It provides more grip on uneven surfaces, thus minimizing the risk of skidding and providing better power forward.

The powerful torque helps you navigate even the steepest slopes with ease. With three levels of assistance, you choose how much effort you want to put into pedaling, making it the perfect bike for any type of ride.

Safety is also a top priority, which is why we've equipped the Vässla Pedal with Tektro hydraulic double-acting disc brakes, ensuring you can stop in an instant when you need to.

For everyday use

Focus on the commuter

The e-bike has been specially designed to allow you to cycle in the most optimal posture possible. The 60° seating position helps to reduce pressure on your Wrists and reduce strain on your neck, meaning you can enjoy your ride for longer without discomfort.

Whether you're commuting to work, running errands around town or just enjoying a leisurely ride, the Vässla Pedal will make your riding experience more enjoyable than ever before. So why not upgrade your ride and experience the ultimate in riding comfort with Vässla Pedal today?


For a smooth everyday life

Connect the e-bike to your phone to activate our Pedal Assist feature. The app is needed to make full use of the electric ride.Riding an e-bike is a great way to lower the barrier to getting out and moving. With Pedal, you can enjoy the ride without feeling like you're trying too hard. Say goodbye to the arduous journey and hello to the smooth ride!

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Experience, with new technologies

Vässla collaborated with product design genius Christian Zanzotti to create the Vässla Pedal. His broad scope of work ranges from cars and mobility to furniture, consumer goods and lifestyle products, and he has previously worked with international clients such as BMW.

“Some pieces come with a certain aura, the Pedal is one of them. With the Pedal we have created a new type of electric bicycle. Reduction, accessibility and networking are the key terms here. The goal was to create a modern masterpiece with a high level of performance, and more inclusive than any bike on the market. The Pedal stands for the new urban era, and is an amazing product that I am very proud of.”
Christian Zanzotti, 2022

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